Welcome to Always Beautiful Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Cosmetics or makeup is Cosmetic Tattooing specifically designed for the face. I use a digital tattoo pen with single use pre-sterilized needles. There are many different needle configurations that can be used for different effect. The needles penetrate the skin in the upper dermal layer and deposits particles of color. This procedure is considered permanent, but like all color, it is subject to fading over time. It will be a commitment to achieve the desired look for the services provided. Future color boost appointments might be necessary to maintain color saturation. This will vary from client to client because their lifestyles and bodies are different from one another. Fading can occur due to body chemistry, medical conditions and most common exposure to the sun or UV rays from tanning beds. So facial care is important when considering any of these procedures.

Reasons to Consider Why Permanent Cosmetics will be right for you….

  • Allergies to makeup and it’s ingredients
  • People with visual impairment
  • Patients who suffer from Arthritis, MS, or Parkinson’s Disease. Motor

Skills Impairment

  • People who suffer from Alopecia
  • Clients wanting to look their best hassle free

First Step / Consultation
Each client starts off with an initial appointment for a free consultation. This is the time where the details of the procedure chosen is explained in detail. This will include filling out a client history form and consent form. Any medical conditions that might need medical clearance by a Dr. will also be discussed at this time. We will also go over shape and design of the procedure chosen including color choice which will all be documented for the day of the procedure.

Typically appointments are scheduled for 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours depending on the procedure to be performed. This includes going over the required forms, pre-procedure topical anesthetics which could take up to 30 minutes. Then the actual tattoo procedure. Taking before and after photographs and finally discussing aftercare and maintenance requirements.

The Follow Up Appointment
After the initial healing time has passed a follow up or color boost appointment may be required. This will include touching up any areas that might need additional coloring. Most procedures will need a second appointment since everyone has a different color retention after the healing process. Lips may require 2 additional appointments depending on how well the lips retain the color after healing.



Can add fullness and definition to sparse, thinning, or non existing brows. Whether it’s soft hair strokes or a powder brow you want there are different techniques and needle configuration to achieve these looks.

Eyelash Line Enhancement
This procedure creates a line between the eyelash hairs to create a thicker lash line. I suggest doing this procedure before considering permanent eyeliner to really achieve a more lush look.

Creating a permanent line above the lashes to enhance the lash line. Can be applied from a soft, natural liner to a more bold line.Color can also be discussed for a more dramatic look. Perfect for the client who has allergic reactions to makeup ingredients or has issues with motor skills due to an underlying illness and wants to look their best.

This procedure will enhance the definition and fullness to the lips. It can also create a more balanced and symmetric appearance. Choose from a more natural color to a vivid one. This procedure may require moore than one vivd to achieve desired color results.

Color Patch Test
For clients with concerns about an allergic reaction to the pigments used.

Lash Lift and Tint
Lashes are curled around a silicone rod then a perm solution is applied. After neutralizing the solution the tint is added to enhance the color of the lashes. Great for clients with straight and hard to curl lashes manually. Perfect before going on vacation!!

Lash Tint
Tint applied to the upper and lower lashes to darken the hair. Great for Blondes who have light lashes or clients who wear contacts instead of using mascara.

Eyebrow Tint
Tint is applied to the eyebrow hair. Blondes and light brown hair would benefit from this application. Also after an eyebrow tattoo procedure the hair might be to light and can be died after healing.